Is your room like a polar bear against a snowy backdrop? Or is it more like a periwinkle hydrangea set against green leaves? If you feel your room is blah, there may be a quick fix: contrast. Take a look around your space. What color are your walls? How about your sofa? Floors? Are all your surfaces smooth and shiny, like leather sofas and glass tabletops? Or do you have a mix of textures? Is there enough contrast between the elements in your room?

Sometimes having little contrast is a good thing, like blending into your environment to avoid getting eaten. It can also help minimize the appearance of something that you don’t want to call attention to, like a support beam in the middle of a room. But if you want to create more interest and depth, add contrast in the form of color and/or texture. Add some soft, patterned throw pillows to that sofa. Swap out that glass table for distressed wood. Put a potted red geranium in a clay pot on a black side table.  It may take a little bit to play with textures and colors, but have fun! You don’t have to change the big stuff: just add a few accents here and there to create more interest.

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