Your colors

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is picking color. Changing the color of a room is the best way to give a room new life. Most people know this, but knowing doesn’t make the picking any easier. I spend a lot of time at my local paint store and I watch people stand at the paint chip kiosk, pick up a tiny square of color, stare at it for a minute, then put it down. Then repeat. It is really difficult to visualize this teeny swatch of color all over your walls. Not to mention that the light in the store is most likely different than the light in your home, so that color you’re choosing (or not) probably looks completely different in the space you’re looking to paint.

As a designer my job is to know color: how to combine colors, how color and light  – both natural and artificial – interact, and how to use color to trick not so pleasant architectural features such as narrow hallways, low ceilings, etc seem more pleasing. It’s not a perfect science. Sometimes I have to try several tints and shades before I hit it on the head. But I always get there. I haven’t lost a room yet.

I use a holistic approach to choosing color. You may ask me to pick a wall color for your dining room. I’ll choose that wall color, but then also give you color direction for trim, ceilings, moldings, built-ins, flooring, artwork, fabrics, lighting, furnishings, hardware. Like nature abhors a vacuum a designer abhors a hue without a scheme, so to that end I recently had a neat piece designed by r3mg: creative boutique for my color consult clients. After the consult I provide a complete color scheme for the room, including wall, trim, ceiling, and any accent colors that would work well within the color scheme, all in a handy envelope. The color swatches are neatly tucked inside so that you can take them with you whenever you shop. If you see a rug or piece of artwork you like, just pull out your swatches and see if the rug color goes with your scheme.

Color consults are $200. I am excited to start using my new consult piece, so if you need to pick colors,   please give me a call today!

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