Color Consultation

Color is the most important design element and the first thing Lexi looks at when starting a new project. Once the right color scheme is chosen, then everything else can start to come together. Why is color so important? Because of its direct relationship with light – both natural and artificial –  and its subsequent effect on mood. You know that palpable feeling you get when you are in a space? Some rooms make you feel like you want to linger all day. Others you can’t get out of quick enough. Color has a lot to do with that.  Train yourself to see the color in something before you see its shape, texture, or pattern. That is the most significant part of the piece.

Lexi offers a flat fee in-home color consultations (up to two hours).  She’ll come up with a color scheme that works best for your space. Afterwards you’ll have a color palette that you can take with you to use for future reference for picking fabrics, furnishings and other accents.